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2018/2019 Board of Directors

President - Christine Barnhart

The principal duties of the President shall include: (a) supervision of all SISL business affairs, (b) the enforcement of all the policies and procedures of SISL, (c) organizing and presiding over the SISL annual membership meeting, meetings of the Board of Directors, and all meetings as may be scheduled by the Board.

Vice President - Chris Herron

The principal duties of the Vice President shall include: (a) assisting the President in the performance of his/her duties, (b) serving in the absence of the President or any other Officer, (c) supervision over all SISL fund-raising activities, and (d) performing other duties as maybe assigned by the President of the Directors.

Secretary - Angelo Butturi

The principal duties of the Secretary shall include: (a) keeping the minutes of all Board meetings and the Annual Membership Meeting, (b) preparing any and all written communications of SISL, and (c) maintaining SISL membership lists and information on individual SISL players.

Treasurer - Meagan Brothers

The principal duties of the Treasurer shall include: (a) maintaining the financial records of SISL, (b) preparation and submittal of required state and federal tax filings, (b) ensuring prompt and efficient payment of all SISL bills and/or deposits, (c) providing current financial reports during each Board of Directors meeting, and (d) overseeing the lacrosse signup and validation process.

Assistant Treasurery - Kim Rollet

Director of Coaching - Brian Hartz

The principal duties of the Director of Coaching shall include: (a) principle point of contact between the Board and Coaching staff, (b) selection of Coaches, establishment of coaching roles and responsibilities, and on-going review of performance and feedback as required, (c) establishment and enforcement of player code of conduct along with creation of any associated policies and procedures, (d) establishment of practice schedules and locations, and (e) identification and procurement of SISL training, practice, and tournament equipment.

Director of Safety - Doug Tenison

The principal duties of the Director of Safety shall include: (a) identification and procurement of first aid supplies and medical equipment to support SISL activities, (b) establishment and communication of safety related standard operating procedures, and (c) administration of first aid as deemed appropriate when onsite at SISL activities.

Director of Hospitality - Lea Jochum

The principal duties of the Director of Hospitality shall include: (a) identification and procurement, including coordination of donations, of food, beverage, and comfort supplies, for SISL activities, and (b) administration and onsite coordination for setup, teardown, and cleanup of all SISL hospitality areas.

Director of Communication- Kristen Hurst

The principal duties of the Director of Communication shall include: (a) development and maintenance of the SISL website, (b) creation and implementation of social media strategy, and (c) assistance with development of marketing and promotional materials.

2018 Program Staff

Technical and Assistant Technical Director - Josh Stofleth

The principal duties of the Technical Director shall include: (a) individual player growth activities such as skills, training, goals, drills and individual practice plans, (b) creation and implementation of team development plans, including team selection, player placement systems and team practice plans, and (c) advancement strategies for player transition from middle school to high school and then college.

Head Coach - Angelo Butturi (U19), Ty Barnhart (U17), Bryan Memmer (U15), and Dan Goda/Brian Vaal (U12)

The principal duties of the head coach shall include: (a) provide input and administer program designed by technical director on individual player growth activities and development of team plans, (b) utilize sound, proven methods of coaching and display knowledge and innovation of sport, (c) teach/model character, discipline, work ethic, sportsmanship and commitment to team, and (d) administer rosters, playing time and game strategy while collaborating and mentoring assistant coaches and interns.

Assistant Coach/Intern - Dan Goda, Turner Lockyear, Zayne Hartz, Andrew Zieg, Kendall Reed, Eric Hopkins, Matt Turner, and Riley Morrison

The principal duties of the assistant coach or intern shall include: (a) assist the head coach and implement head coach’s philosophy, showing loyalty and public support of head coaching decisions, b) display knowledge of sport and passion to teach/grow it, (c) model character, discipline, work ethic, sportsmanship and commitment to the team, and (d) manage sideline and mentor/instruct players during games.